Why Work Works



Yesterday I told you that NaBloPoMo’s December theme of “Work” was a catalyst to start this blog, because it is all about work.  Today, I will try to reveal what I meant by that…


It seems the best way to explain myself, is to start with what I don’t mean.

This blog is not about my employment. Though I have a job I go to each day – a job I love, by the way – it is not the work that launches a thousand words.

The work I am going to share here is much more daunting than 8 to 5 in a cubicle can ever be. The time, effort and fortitude required to see it through to completion makes most other tasks I need to complete seem totally doable. Easy, even.

The work I have to do is me. And I don’t like being the center of attention, especially not my own.

So, as the ironies of life so often show us, I have created this blog for the very reason I avoided it, for the past few years, because it is going to be all about me.

The thing is, I suspect a lot of people will feel it is about them too.

That is my hope, at least.

More on this tomorrow, of course.

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