Some Days Require More Coffee



When I turned off my light at 10:30 last night, later than I hoped, but not as late as most nights, I had big plans for today. I was going to go to morning yoga at 5:45, and see if it gave me fodder to divulge the meaning of the “Yoga Pants” portion of the blog title.

When I blew out my candle, and sunk under the blankets, I was ready to get up and go. My yoga clothes were stacked neatly on the foot of my bed, with my slip on shoes on the floor below. My work clothes were hanging from the hook on my wall, and my bags with everything to get ready at the yoga studio and get through my day were packed. My lunch was gathered in a grocery bag in the fridge, and my lunch bag was on the counter. All I needed to do this morning was get up, get dressed, grab and go.

My body had other plans, though. I don’t remember turning the alarms off, just the voice calling in to see if I was awake. I wasn’t, so I thanked the voice as I looked at the clock, and saw it was 5:52, also known as seven minutes past yoga time. I felt good, rested, so I was OK with that.

Another ten minutes passed, when I realized it was 7:02, and I need to put my glasses on before checking the time from now on. Normally, I am in the final stages of morning take-off at 7:02, if I haven’t left already. This morning, I was in my pajamas, sucking down my first and only cup of coffee, trying to figure out how I would take a shower and get to work on time.

The nice thing was I didn’t freak out about being so late, like I would have a year, or even a few months ago. I simply went into fast mode, and figured out what parts of my hair care and face construction could wait to be done in the car and after I got to work. I did what I NEEDED to do, let the rest wait, and made it to work with wet hair and 6 minutes to spare.

Apparently, this took a lot of energy, because after I was at work for a few hours, I felt like I hit a wall, so I drank about 3 cups of coffee more than I usually do in the morning. Then, I went to an off-site meeting at noon, came back and drank 3 more, hoping it would get me through the afternoon while knowing I would probably regret it tonight.

When I got on the computer to write this post, I hoped I would recover the brilliant, witty ideas I conjured as I walked to the meeting and back this afternoon, and lost before leaving work.  NOTHING was coming to mind, so I decided to see what my Swedish “Word of the Day” was, before logging in to WordPress and admitting I had nothing to say, today. Learning Swedish is hard for me. I stopped counting how many times I quit “before getting out of bed” in February, so I am “starting” to learn for the fifth or fifteenth time this year, this week.

The Swedish Word of the Day: 

att kräva – to require

The sentence using it:

Vissa dagar kräver mer kaffe än andra.

Some days require more coffee than others.

I don’t think I will have a hard time learning this lesson.

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