Unable to connect to the Internet



Written Saturday, December 8

I am a planner. Planning is how I get everything, anything done. I had plans for today. To have coffee with friends, go to yoga, get some groceries and go to storage to get winter clothes and Christmas decorations, then to study for the tax exam I take next Saturday,  work on a Microsoft training course, and write this blog entry.

The universe had different ideas for me though. I have been feeling like I am coming down with something this week. I have been achy, and had the chills. When I got home from yoga around 1:00 I was exhausted, and decided to take a nap. I did not set an alarm, and woke up at 6:30 this evening. I slept the light away, and was thrown off.  I was foggy. How am I going to get to sleep tonight? Should I study?

I should return the videos we rented last weekend, I realized. They might have been due yesterday, but could be due today, and if there is a chance I can avoid late fees, I want to. So I drove to Hastings, returned the videos, and rented a new one, to do something with the time I seemed to need to figure out what to do about sleeping.

When I got back, I was chilled and achy again, but ready to study, and write my blog entry. A different entry, that I will share another time, if it feels right. But the universe had different plans for me.  Its message was Unable to connect to the Internet, and I knew it was right.

My exam prep, the Microsoft courses, and the posting of my blog all depended on getting online, so I saw it as a sign. I stopped worrying about what I was not doing, and focused on curling up under a blanket, relaxing, and enjoying the movie I rented tonight. I probably could have figured out the problem with my wireless connection, but chose not to try. I chose to connect with what my body was telling it me needed most, instead of what my brain was saying I “should” do.  I stopped.

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