Nipped by a Bug


It is one minute before ten (at night) and Andy just emerged from his room to scrounge for some dinner. He had salad on his mind, but could not find dressing he likes, because we got sidetracked in the grocery store yesterday when we needed an ingredient for the BBQ French dressing he likes me to make that was not on our list. We were so worried about forgetting to buy Barbecue sauce, that we ran right by the shelves of dressing in the produce section that offer instant gratification. Making salad dressing now is not on my radar or his, so he is making a sandwich. Natural consequences can be a bite.

I feel a little bad though, because I meant to show him how to make the BBQ French dressing yesterday, so he could have it on hand, and this would not happen — but I got sidetracked from that too, first by setting up the Christmas tree, and then by exhaustion. I have been worn out at the end of most days, lately, and I think I found out why…

I got nipped by a bug. It is going around, and people are dropping like flies at work, at the schools, everywhere. Today, it got me. So I left work early, came home and worked on taking care of myself by lying low. I am feeling a little better, so I am choosing to believe it helped. Now I am going to keep that up by calling the day done, instead of making salad dressing.

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