Struggling to keep my balance


A persistent challenge for me has been keeping my balance, literally and figuratively. Things have been going quite smoothly for the past few months, so I almost forgot how hard this can be, but I have been reminded of it a number of times, in a plethora of ways, this week.

To me, it seems everything is about balance. In yoga, the fix for my problem is easy. I park my mat near a wall, so I can use it when I need to stabilize myself, or I keep both feet on the ground. In life, the answer is not so simple, because there are so many things to balance…when to try things and when to pass on them. When to talk and when to listen. When to hold my ground and when to relinquish my agenda. When to keep going, and when to stop. When to speak out and when to let things go.

I haven’t been writing this week, because I haven’t know what to say. It didn’t seem anything I could say here could mean anything, in the context of life of past seven days. Tonight I got a call that had me thinking I was going to have to change my plans, start over again, and couldn’t write now. But then, I realized I was wrong.

So tonight, I am writing despite that I am struggling to find words and thoughts, just so I do it, because to keep doing things that are important to me is something I need to work on as much as stopping things that get in the way of being my best self. I am fighting to keep my balance.

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