Fish Burps



I have fish burps.

I’ve had them for about an hour, now, and have been trying to think of them as friendly reminders that I am being good to myself…and taking care of myself, by taking my Fish Oil. But I can only think of them as fish burps, so am choosing to be grateful that they are only little ones, and to be satisfied with that, for now.

Which brings me to my theme for the next week, or three, if that’s what it takes…

I eradicated some big demons while I was gone, so am going to focus on appreciating moments, now. I used to be good at it, but left untended, the practice has faded. This is not a helpful trend when one is striving to change behavior to improve quality of life.

So I am adding it, and blogging regularly, to My List for the rest of September. Whether it will go on the October List will be determined, when the time comes.

You can see how I do with the blogging by checking up on me each Monday. I will tell you how it goes, and about My List later. Right now, I have a fish burp to relish.

Happy Monday.

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