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Finals, Vacation and Chicken Enchiladas…


It’s the week that forces collide…we are down to the last days of school and my vacation starts after work on Friday.

The boy child is a little blue – he likes school better than summer vacation. I, on the other hand, am chomping at the bit for the sound of the Hallelujah chorus blasting from a PA system, and a reprieve from monitoring progress on schoolwork.  But I am a single mom, so I will be at work when freedom rings at 10:30 tomorrow morning, and the heavenly chorus will only sound in my head and heart. Still, I look forward to the perpetual stress of projects, exams and unfinished homework going on hiatus, and doing some things I enjoy doing for a few weeks, or months, without fear that Aspie Boy will blow off his work and his grades will suffer if I do.

As of now, the night before school lets out, we don’t know how long that break will be because everything on his list this week – exams, assignments and papers – are make-or-break, and he’s still working on a major Spanish project that was due last week. The assignment is to create a four to six-minute cooking show in Spanish using vocabulary from the last chapter they studied – La Comida (Food). If he doesn’t finish it well, he will fail. If he fails, he needs to make it up this summer, if that’s possible. If it isn’t possible…well, I can’t go there, yet.

Everyone else in the class did the project with a partner, but the assignment was presented and the teams were picked on the one day of school Andy missed this semester, so he’s on his own. He was also rubric-less until yesterday, so he decided to fix Schnitzel, but did not get to that, either. It may have been a good thing, in a way, because as it turns out he needs to demonstrate making a food originating in a Spanish speaking country.
I am not going to say I told him so, but I did.

I also told him he was making chicken enchiladas, so he did. Sort of.  The video is shot and edited, so it’s only the dialog that’s missing. He decided to do a voice over, but as of 9:10 of the last school night of the year no Spanish has been uttered.  It’s tempting to wish we had another week , but last week we did and he is still dangling off the edge, so I am not sure it would make a difference, or that either of us would survive two last weeks of school. So I am hiding, to avoid freaking out.

This week is finals for me, too. The deadlines for goals I set in January are hitting one after another, mostly because at New Year’s my goal was to be a “new me” for this vacation. My whole family – parents, brothers, and all of our “kids” are gathering for the first time in 17+ years to honor my mom’s 80th and my brother’s 60th birthdays. It’s a big deal.

Today marked the end of a weight loss challenge.  I was one of six on our team for the competition that ran from January 11 through June 5.  When we started, I was determined to change my body so I could feel good hiking, riding my bike, playing tennis and  having once-in-this-lifetime family portraits taken. I was ready to start living a healthy lifestyle.  I think that lasted about a day.

This morning, I dashed out of the house 35 minutes earlier than normal to complete the final weigh in on my way to work. In the almost five months of the challenge, I gained 7.8 pounds. As terrible as that sounds, it is 5 pounds less than the May weigh-in on Friday, so I am actually a bit relieved, but the reality is, I failed. Completely.

So for now, Andy is one up on me and I can still hope it stays that way.

Chicken enchiladas, anyone?