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A Beginning from an End


With less than an hour left in December, and 2012, it seems I should write a blog post to conclude this month of “work”. I did not blog daily, or even come close in December, but that is OK, because I began, which is exactly what I needed to do.

As it turns out, I did a lot of things I needed to do this year, to end how things were and pave the way for what I want my life to be. This year Andy and I packed up and sold our house; donated, hawked and pitched things that made our house a home, and moved half way across the country and back. I submitted a hundred job applications, worked two part-time jobs and two full-time jobs.

Tonight, nothing is the same as it was one year ago.   I have a full-time job with insurance, Andy is in a school he loves, and I am sharing my writing with the universe.

In 2012, everything changed. So tonight, as the moon light glitters patches of snow, and 2012 gasps its last breaths of icy air, I am cherishing this year, and its opportunity to forge a beginning from an end.

Happy New Year!